Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brain cancer symptoms in women

Brain cancer symptoms in women generally is not easily detected because the attack targets cancer is brain, organs that are not visible from the outside. Even so, there are some indications that can be considered to determine whether a person is experiencing symptoms of brain cancer or not. Some symptoms of brain cancer that easily found as follows:
1. Easy Have Headaches
Prolonged headache and came repeatedly can be a symptom of brain cancer.
2. Easily sickness
Often nausea can also be symptoms of brain cancer.
3. Weak body
Brain cancer patients usually experience a limply body. For that, if the body limply, though not easy to do heavy work, this should be aware.
4. Walking is difficult
Brain cancer sufferers will also experience difficulty walking conditions. Each will run it's staggering. Symptoms of brain cancer was caused because the controller body activity in the brain is disrupted by the presence of cancer cells.
5. Difficult Listening and Viewing
There is a change also in the auditory and vision. Patients will experience a decrease in power hear and see. Symptoms of brain cancer these will get worse along with the increased severity of the cancer cells biting into the brain.
6. Dead Pain in Foot and Hand
Symptoms of brain cancer is also characterized by the occurrence of numbness in the feet and hands. Both organs are susceptible to interference because of its central nervous also being plagued by cancer cells.
7. Concentrating difficult
Since the attack on the brain makes patients also have difficulty concentrating. This will make the patient difficult to finish the job properly due to loss of concentration.
8. Decreased Memory and Response
Patients will also be automatically decreased memory and the body's response. This is influenced problematic brain organs started "controlled" by the cancer cells.
9. Decreased Power of Smell
Besides senses of hearing and vision decline, brain cancer symptoms are also seen in the declining power of smell. Patients with difficult to maintain the sense of smell like before.
10. Paralyzed in the Face or Body Part
In certain conditions, patients may also experience partial paralysis of the face or body part. This indicates that one of the brain is undergoing severe attacks from cancer cells.
11. Prolonged sleepiness
It also can be symptoms of brain cancer. People who experience prolonged sleepiness, despite having enough sleep, may be an indication something is not normal in the brain.
12. Stopping Menstruation In Not Normal
For women, cessation of menstruation is abnormally also need to beware. Because it could be shown the occurrence of symptoms of brain cancer or other cancers may be.

Maybe if that happens only one of brain cancer symptoms in women above, the symptoms have not reached lead to occurrence of brain cancer. But if it happens several symptoms at once, you should quickly check-up because it is very likely a symptom of brain cancer.