Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Causes and Symptoms Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer attacks the cervix or cervical region caused by a viral infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) that do not heal in a long time. If the immune system decreases, so will mengganas HPV infection and can cause cervical cancer. Symptoms are not very visible at an early stage, that is why cervical cancer that starts from HPV infection is considered as "The Silent Killer".

Some symptoms can be observed although not always an indication of HPV infection. Whitish or spend a little blood after intercourse is little sign of symptoms of this cancer. In addition, the presence of a yellowish liquid that smells in the genital area can also be an indication of HPV infection. This virus can be transmitted from one patient to another and infect that person. Transmission can be through direct contact and because of sex.

When there is a virus in a person's hand, then touching the genital area, the virus will move and can infect the cervix or neck of your womb. Another mode of transmission is in the closet in a public restroom that has been contaminated by the virus. A cancer patient may use a closet, the HPV virus found in patients switching to the closet. When you use it without cleaning, virus could then move on to your genital area.

The bad one's lifestyle may be supporting the increasing number of patients with this cancer. Smoking habits, lack of vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid may be the cause. If you eat nutritious foods will make the immune system increases and can expel the virus HPV.

The risk of cervical cancer are women who are sexually active since very early age, which often change sex partners, or who have sex with men who like to change partners. Another factor is the Pill for a long time or come from families who have a history of cancer.

Often times, the man who showed no symptoms of HPV infection that is spread to their partners. A man who had sex with a woman suffering from cervical cancer, will become the carrier of this virus. Furthermore, when a man is having sex with his wife, the virus can be passed to and infects his wife.