Friday, January 27, 2012

Early signs of skin cancer: Mole

Moles are generally harmless, and usually only cause cosmetic complaints, although can also turn into cancer. Generally flat moles that are benign, but can also become malignant. For a mole in the form of lumps, or tumors in the language of medicine, can be classified into 3 types, ie benign, cancer would be (pre-cancerous) and malignant. Moles can change the bigger, itchy, and eventually became a highly malignant skin cancer.

Signs of a mole that turns into malignant (malignant melanoma), ie when they appear itching or pain, discoloration becomes darker, its size is enlarged, widened irregular, the surface becomes uneven, often disturbed (scraped or scratched), easy bleeding , the wounds and sores that do not heal.

skin cancer

Moles that fall into the category that dangerous if it continues to grow in size until have diameter of more than 6 millimeters. The problem is not just problem of moles on the skin surface, but a problem in the lower layers of skin, so it rarely moles can be treated with traditional medicine. Mole cancer risk should be treated immediately prior experience or metastatic spread to other body parts.

That is why it is important to detect changes in moles into melanoma early, when cure rates with surgery almost 100%. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the body, but most often found in the back, buttocks, legs, scalp, neck, and behind the ears.