Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to identify skin cancer

Identify skin cancer, when the skin is often feels itchy rash, often irritated, has a surface crust, if maybe skin cancer is ready to 'eat' your skin. Skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to be prevented and treated. However, the disease is often poorly known.

Basically everyone can experience skin cancer. High risk groups are those related to excessive sunlight for a long time. Or, people with little melamine content in the skin for example people with bright skin color.

identify skin cancer
How to identify skin cancer

How to identify skin cancer? Owner eyes bright colors are also more risk of developing skin cancer than black people. Are also susceptible to skin cancer are people who live in areas with lots of sunlight areas for example Asia. Or who work in the open air such as farmers, sailors, construction workers and others. Similarly, people who like outdoor activities like tennis, surfing and sunbathing on the sun. Thus we must guard against the possibility of skin cancer in older age groups, skin color or frequently exposed to bright sunlight.

Skin cancer can also occur due to direct contact with carcinogenic substances (such as coal, pesticides, paraffin oil) and can also result associated with the remnants of radioactive and radium. In addition, skin cancer that can be experienced by people who often experience recurrent burns, such as, welders, carpenters and other oils.

Identify skin cancer, skin examination is simply to look for whether there signs of skin cancer can be done alone by doing SSE (skin self-examination) especially in the skin, scarring moles or patches since birth. SSE is recommended every month at the same time for example each date one evening after a bath. For women the SSE can be done concurrently with BSE (breast self-examination) breast self-examination or realize.

Besides signs such as the SSE were observed, should also observe the traditional sign changes such as new skin growth that is not fair, that injury does not heal or any particular part of the skin that often become irritated. If there are a variety of conditions such as mentioned above it is advisable to consult doctor immediately. Exist and least the cancer can be confirmed by biopsy, when suspect skin cancer. first step. Perform a quick self-examination can prevent this disease.