Friday, January 20, 2012

Is breast cancer curable? lets we see

Is breast cancer curable?. Treatment of breast cancer can be classified into major groups based on how they work and when they are used. Local treatment of local or systemic treatment is used to treat the tumor without affecting other body parts. Surgery and radiotherapy are examples of local treatment.

Systemic treatment is given into the bloodstream or by mouth and moves around the body to reach cancer cells that may have spread beyond the breast. Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy of systemic treatment.

Adjuvant Therapy and Neo-adjuvant

When people seem to have no cancer remaining after surgery, but still more treatment given, it is called adjuvant therapy. At this time the doctor may think that cancer cells have broken away from the main tumor and began to spread through the bloodstream. It is very difficult to know whether this is the case.

breast cancer curable
breast cancer curable

But if this happens, the cancer cells can begin to form new tumors in other organs or bones. The goal of adjuvant therapy is to kill hidden cells. But not every patient needs this therapy. Some people are given systemic treatment (most likely chemotherapy) before surgery to shrink the tumor. This is called neo-adjuvant therapy.

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