Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stages of brain cancer

There are stages of brain cancer from Stage 0 until Stage IV :
Stage 0: This stage is called carcinoma in situ, which means that the cancer developed only in specific cell layers are affected.
Stage I: Stage 1 cancer can not be seen through the microscope and the growth of cells look like normal cells. This is an early stage of cancer, which can be cured successfully. Cancer in stage 1 can be cured with surgery.
stages of brain cancer

Stage II: the damaged cells begin to grow at significant rates. At this stage, the cancer can be treated and cured. However, at this stage the possibility of cancer recurrence, even after it has been treated, very high.
Stage III: At this stage of brain cancer, cells grow at a very high level. Brain cancer at this stage can also be spread to other tissues besides the brain in the body.
Stage IV: The fourth stage of brain cancer is the most horrific stage of all stages. At this stage, the cancer spreads to other parts of the body and this stage is called metastasis. The possibility of curing cancer is very low at this stage.