Saturday, January 7, 2012

What causes brain cancer?

Brain cancer can be caused by various things. The cause could be one or more, and can generally be divided into two categories:

Factor from Inside
A factor that comes from within oneself. The main one is heredity / genetics. If there are relatives who have a history of suffering from brain cancer, it means that your chances of getting cancer larger brains than those whose families do not have brain cancer. The second factor that can trigger the occurrence of brain cancer is a history of collisions (if ever bumped your head). These collisions can cause trauma to the brain tissue, and thus could cause abnormal growth of tissue in the brain (which later can develop into cancer of the brain).
External factors
Is a factor that comes from outside the body, generally in the form of food and radiation. Certain drugs are taken continuously potentially cause cancer. Other factors:
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: for example, smoking, fatty foods, less fiber, etc..
  • Materials karsiogenik: cooking oils used repeatedly, ingested chemicals
  • Radiation: Radiation exposure in certain waves can trigger cancer cell growth