Friday, January 6, 2012

Number of Victims Cervical Cancer

Worldwide, approximately 500,000 women diagnosed with cervical cancer and an average of 270,000 deaths annually. In fact, every single hour, a woman died of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer or often known as cervical cancer / cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the uterine cervix, an area in which the female reproductive organ is the entrance to the uterus located between the womb (uterus) with a hole intercourse (vaginal).

Every day in Indonesia, there are 40 women diagnosed and 20 women died of cervical cancer. Because cervical cancer is a disease that has been known to cause illness and has been known to travel. Plus there is also a method of early detection and the prevention of cervical cancer by vaccination, should the incidence of and deaths from cervical cancer can be derived. The number of cases of cervical cancer in Indonesia due to the knowledge of cervical cancer are less so for the early detection of public awareness is still low.