Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a very dangerous disease to end in death. Besides lethal, treatment cost is very large. In brain cancer, there are cells that grow abnormally. In its spread, the cancer is very frightening.

Brain Cancer
Brain Cancer

Symptoms that appear highly dependent on the part of the brain where the tumor or cancer appears. But the symptoms are the most common of brain tumors and brain cancer that is the existence of mild mental changes (psychomotor asthenia) such as, irritability, emotional instability, forgetfulness, slowing of mental and social activities, loss of initiative and spontaneity, may be found anxiety and depression . These symptoms are progressive and can be found running at 2 / 3 of cases.

Then the headache, like, felt heavy and pulsating, generally gets worse at night and on waking in the morning. The existence of psychomotor asthenia headaches with brain tumors should be suspected there is the onset of brain cancer.

Vomiting are also symptoms of brain cancer, it is present in 30% of cases of brain tumors and brain cancer are generally meyertai time headaches. Kejangpun an early symptom of brain tumor. An estimated 2% of the cause of seizures is a brain tumor.

Then if there are symptoms of the motor limb weakness to paralysis, decreased vision to blindness, loss of balance, numbness, impaired sense of smell, speech impairment if exposed in the central area or speak, until the decline of consciousness when exposed to his brain stem.

Based on the occurrence of brain tumors to be cancerous brain is divided into two, namely tumor supratentorial tumors above the tentorium or the big brain, and infratentorial tumors are tumors that exist below the tentorium, the cerebellum and brain stem.

Types of brain tumors the most severe one, "Neuroblastoma". If the tumor is located in the brain of the symptoms may be slow. But if the tumor is located in the cerebellum, then the symptoms will be quickly seen.