Monday, January 30, 2012

What are the symptoms of brain cancer and brain tumor

The brain is the center of life. All activities of life, until every detail, can only occur through a mechanism regulated by the brain. At the same time the brain must perform thousands of activities at once. When suddenly heard the sound horn from behind the brain tells the foot as fast as lightning jump to the edge, ordered neck looking back, telling wide-eyed, telling the muscles tighten to tackle an emergency situation, telling the heart to pump blood faster, keep breathing nose told , and many more to be arranged.

symptoms brain cancer and brain tumor
symptoms brain cancer and brain tumor

  • General Symptoms of Cerebral
Can be either mild mental changes (psychomotor asthenia), which can be felt by people with close relatives such as: irritability, emotional instability, forgetfulness, slowing of mental and social activities, loss of initiative and spontaneity, may be found anxiety and depression. These symptoms are progressive and can be found running at 2 / 3 of cases.
  • Head Pain
An estimated 1% of the causes of headache is brain tumors and 30% of brain tumor early symptoms are headache. The nature of head pain varies from mild and episodic to severe and throbbing, generally gets worse at night and on waking in the morning and in the situation where there is high intracranial pressure elevation. The existence of psychomotor asthenia headaches with brain tumors should be suspected.
  • Vomiting
Present in 30% of cases and usually accompany headache. Seizures can be an early symptom from brain tumors in 25% of cases, and more than 35% of cases at an advanced stage. An estimated 2% of the cause of seizures is brain tumors.

Found seizures in 70% of brain tumors in the cortex, 50% of patients with astrositoma, 40% in patients with meningioma, and 25% in glioblastoma.