Sunday, January 29, 2012

Does skin cancer itch

Does skin cancer itch? as is common cancers, skin cancers do not cause serious pain before it suffered in the acute stage. Therefore we need to be alert to recognize the symptoms of skin cancer.

skin cancer itch
• Stains or a new mole that appears and is not innate.
• The shape is asymmetric or irregular.
• The presence of black spots and moles that cause itching or pain.
• Between a mole or black spot there is no clear line to the area in around and color the edges tend to be vague.
• The color, if not black or brown but tend to redness.
• The mole or black spot continues to grow by more than half a centimeter.

Most people might reasonably assume the existence of a mole, such as black spots, or small roundabout that resemble acne. Yet behind these skin problems, can potentially presence of skin cancer that we do not know.

The characteristics of whether this mole is cancerous or a tumor, usually in an increasingly large shape or thickened, easy to bleed, until itch. Tumors in the form of a mole is just a little touch will easily bleed.