Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is malignant melanoma

Malignant melanoma is type of skin cancer is the most malignant and potentially deadly. In America, the data obtained six of the seven patients died this cancer. And the number of people who develop increased from year to year. Malignant Melanoma can develop from a mole arise existing or newly emerging.

malignant melanoma
malignant melanoma

1. Symptoms of malignant melanoma
This information is very important for those who have a mole that then either change the color, size or shape, Moles sometimes itch and bleed when scratched. These cancer cells grow from melanocytes, the skin cells that function to produce melanin pigment.

Cancer is characterized by ABCD, A = asymmetric, irregular shapes. B = Border or uneven edges as well. C = Color or color that varies from one area to another. Can be brown to black. Even in certain cases found to be white, red and blue. D = Diameter greater than 6 mm.

2. Malignant melanoma prognosis
The enforcement diagnosis in cases skin type cancer as well as both types of skin cancer in the upper (BCC and SCC), ie the measures biopsy for examination under a microscope.

malignant melanoma pictures
malignant melanoma pictures

3. Malignant melanoma Therapy and Treatment
Malignant Melanoma is a type of skin cancer the most malignant, can be spread assigned to other bodies such as the lymph glands. Action taken on this type of cancer is complete removal of cancerous tissue by surgery, if it has been known to occur deployment is required further surgery to remove surrounding tissue. If cancer cells are found to spread to lymph glands, then inevitably glans also be removed.