Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lung cancer from asbestos try to avoid

Lung cancer occurs when cells in lungs reproduce and grow without being be controlled by the body. Majority of cases the lungs cancer caused by smoking or passive smoking. Air pollution, exposure asbestos this is cause lung cancer from asbestos, nickel, chromium and radiation can also lead this cancer.

Substances that may contribute to lung cancer is asbestos. Asbestos was used in the mining shipbuilding, and asbestos manufacturing, insulation work, and fixes brakes, although products with asbestos have been largely wiped out during recent decades. If breathed, asbestos particles can be filed in the lungs, damaging cells and increasing the risk for lung cancer.

Lung cancer from asbestos
Lung cancer from asbestos

Asbestos materials are often used as roof coverings house with low price considerations. Meanwhile, in terms of health asbestos can cause cancer. That is usually used solution on installing plafond with non-asbestos materials such as plywood as prevention of asbestos dust contaminating the room below

Asbestos workers must use protective equipment provided by their employers and follow recommended work practices and safety procedures. To avoid lung cancer from asbestos, try to avoid equipment or materials containing asbestos. Use materials that are safe from asbestos content at all.