Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Side effects of radiation for breast cancer

Side effects of radiation for breast cancer that mean adiotherapy in breast cancer can lead to shoulder a bit difficult to move, ask your doctor's advice about moderate exercise can make limply again. Other side effects are a little charred skin, irritation, or swelling. If you have recently undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery, during radiation should not have to wear bra. If not good, wear a soft cotton bra without wire support.

Side effects of radiation for breast cancer
breast cancer

Side effects of radiation therapy (dibestral) does not always appear, but there is an experience, cause any discomfort, even sometimes quite serious. There is the feeling a few days / weeks since the treatment started (and disappeared some time after the radiation is stopped), there is also a new side effects appear several months or several years later. What this usually is chronic / permanent.

Other side effects of radiation that often occur in the radiation in the breast area is painful swallowing, cough, fever, and shortness breath. If you cough mucus, it could be mucus changes color and texture, not as usual. No need panic. Point out to the doctor, who knows exactly how to handle it.