Monday, January 23, 2012

Lung cancer spread to brain

Before starting therapy, the doctor will determine the stage. Staging is an attempt to discover whether the cancer has spread. Lung cancer generally spreads to lymph nodes, brain, bone, liver and renal glands of children. Staging is done through several tests, including:

1. CT scan: CT scans can detect the spread cancer in the liver, kidneys child gland, brain and other organs.

2. Bone Scan: Bone scans can show the spread of cancer to bone. You will receive an injection of radioactive substances in small amounts which subsequently flows through your blood and bones gathered. Machine called a scanner / scanner will detect radiation, making images of your bones on a computer screen or film.

Lung cancer spread to brain
Lung cancer spread to brain

3. MRI: This test uses a powerful magnet linked to a computer network that is able to make detailed images on the screen.

4. PET Scan: You will receive an injection of radioactive sugar in small quantities. A machine will then create an image of the sugar used by cells in the body. Cancer cells using sugar faster than normal cells and cancer area will look brighter in the picture.