Monday, January 30, 2012

Skin cancer moles what to look for

Skin cancer is a scary disease for some people, because it is directly related to the outward appearance. Prevent and detect cancer early symptoms of this disease since the beginning of the development is able to accelerate the treatment and healing.

There are some signs of skin cancer symptoms can be detected itself, as published in the Genius Beauty. Skin cancer moles what to look for :

1. Moles are asymmetrical
Moles must have a regular shape. Every change lead to changes in the size and shape of a mole should be of concern. Check with the changes to a dermatologist.

2. Edge mole
The edges of a mole should be smooth and does not change shape over the years. Sores, swollen, or enlarged edge is a sign you need to pay attention to skin health.

3. The color of a mole
The color of mole should be fixed and unchanging. People with brightly colored hair colors moles should have more bright, and moles darker color for dark-skinned. Change the color of reddish mole should be concern.

4. size
The larger the diameter of moles, the higher the risk of skin cancer. Especially if there is a mole that grows on top of six millimeters. Such change is seriously warning.

5. New moles
If your body is too often there is a new moles, it's time to consult with a physician immediately.

Skin cancer moles
Skin cancer moles

6. Itching
Moles that itch is bad sign. Besides itching, enlarged moles, scaly or bleeding can be symptoms of skin cancer. Consult a dermatologist immediately.